About Moritz

Moritz is someone looking to discover the true nature of things in every moment and hopes to inspire you to join him in that.

He believes that only then can there be true and authentic relationship between individuals and the world they live in. His approach is not to seek happiness through gratification or mere pursuit of goals but to strip away all that which we use to escape from ourselves and therefore miss resolving issues we are facing at the core.

We lost touch with our true nature, and this work is a rediscovery and a reclaiming of your own inner authority.




We accumulate techniques and spiritual methods as if we were machines that need instruction manuals and tools in order to work properly. We are dependent on these like we depend on our drugs, remedies, or gurus.

I am not offering you another technique or method for some momentary relief.

I work with people that are stuck in a repetitive conflict in their relationships, with addiction, or have had experiences they struggle to grasp. I work with those that noticed deep darkness inside themselves. I also work with those who feel deeply lost, alone or hopeless at times or all the time. I assist and guide you to find total understanding of your conflicts and resolve them completely, so you don’t replace the conflict with another dependence, but you find real freedom, freedom from conflict and freedom from the method, including me.


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If you are interested in working with me I invite you to schedule a non binding personal chat with me where I can answer any open questions.

To get in touch, please send me a message or watsapp or feel free to call me directly: +49 15155780840

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