I coach individuals and couples through challenging aspects of their relationship.

Relationships are the foundation of our life and also life greatest challenge.  Here you will be met in a reflective conversation that helps you understand personal challenges in your relationship. These conversations are helping you find what's right for you by giving you honest reflection and loving support.

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Mental & Emotional

I personality come from a background of addiction, chronic depression, and anxiety. I help people in these conversations to understand the connection of mind and emotions holistically so they can heal themselves from within. This work leads to insight over our life, which builds a foundation for a peaceful and healthy mind that is naturally calm.

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Coaching for Men

Are you looking for true freedom in your relationship and life? Many men experience a feeling of being dissatisfied. That often comes because we have learned a very old and unsuited approach towards relationship with others and our own life. Career and achievement often stand so pressingly in the foreground that our wellbeing and the connection we have presently, suffers.

Some common issues:

  • -Feeling a lack of desire for your partner / wanting a partner

  • -wanting something more but nothing satisfies 

  • -conflicts in your relationship and with yourself

  • -This world is hopeless / I am not good enough



Purpose and direction is one very challenging question for many people.

I offer self-reflective coaching where I help you discover and understand the confusion that keeps you from seeing your own path, your own creativity, your resourcefulness. I can help you work through mental blocks that keep you from finding back to a passionate mindset towards life.