1. I recommend abstinence from drugs and mind-altering substances for the duration of your work with me.

We play as Adults:

  1. I ask you to show up as an adult and communicate your needs and limits.

  2. Examples given during sessions, shall not be regarded as direct instruction applicable to your life but as a inspiration for sane self-reflection.

Call Regulation:

  1. Please arrange appointments via text or email.

  2. Together we design the rhythm of our calls and I require at least 24h advanced notice to arrange or reschedule a call.


  1. You have the freedom to end the relationship at any time.

  2. There are no refunds unless otherwise agreed.

  3. For Cancelation, there is a minimum of 48h notice required before the next reoccurring payment date. Running month will not be refunded. Cancelation can not be backdated. Cancelation needs to happen in written form via email to: emotionalistcoaching@gmail.com .


Any question, please send to: