Telling others what we see is the only way through isolation

A big thing for me, a human is being with pain. Being in this world is painful.

Our relationships cause a lot of pain every day and I have the ability to escape this pain through many things. Power is one, drugs, joining a big movement that has me feel strong and any kind of numbing mechanism and illusions we create for ourselves.

But the fact is that this world has a lot of sharp edges, violence, anger, projection, ignorance etc.

I may not be able to change any of that on a large scale. But I want to speak about an aspect that is inside me, a responsibility that I have which is telling others their impact.

Telling them when their actions cause hurt.

We have many excuses to not do that don’t we? One big one underneath the spiritual seekers is the idea of everyone creating their own experience, the idea of being a victim of you tell others how they hurt you.

But let’s be honest, the reason why these accusations causing me to hold my pain and not express it is because the scariest thing is that you tell somebody how a particular action causes harm and then being with the consequence of them isolating you out cause they don’t want to hear it.

This is a trauma we all go through at some point or another. Probably first in our childhood when we did not know about spiritual concepts and being strong but we just shout OUTCH when someone stepped on my toes. It was an outcall to raise awareness in oneself and another.

But it is met with, it is your fault!

Who is talking about fault?

The person that is lost is the person that measures the outcall against right or wrong. I did nothing wrong, I have to protect myself. I can not hear your pain as it threatens my pristine moment, my enjoyment. I would threaten that I may have to feel this pain myself.

So if I want to be a human and call others back into being a human with me rather than an actor in repetition which condemns and judges based on wanting to maintain an attachment based wellbeing.

Then I need to let the truth in that I am alone psychologically, and I will be in front of closed doors of isolation and knock on them. I have to face being locked out of my friends home. I have to face that my family turns away from me because it is my duty to speak up and express what causes pain and demand that this pain Shal be felt by all of us without judgement and condemnation.

If you care about anything, Shal that be animals, humans or your daughter or wife, then I want you to think about how this is the very thing that will provide actual care. It is the only thing that will give others a sense on how we can care for each other, not to create an empty front of love and peace but because it will be crucial for our survival on a more and more crowded planet. It is the only way that makes sense to care for global wellbeing.

Isolation will always call for someone external to break the walls in if there is inequality. We made sure that would happen as this system has envy built into itself.

You have to ask, what am I feeling and stay off from any distraction or momentary remedy until it is clear what causes the suffering.

Even lashing out and attacking somebody for it is the avoidance of this very feeling and a learned mechanism to not feel.

And people will not listen, and you can not do anything about that in that particular moment. This will hurt tremendously but it is the only way to eventually grasp something that is more powerful to any distraction or gratification. It will bring you to a deep understanding of who you are beyond the patterns I identified with which are a mere chain of distractions.

We must question why we want to escape and not what to do instead.

What I mean when I say this than anything I want to do will turn into an excuse and an avoidance and will send me back into the repetition of the same thing. I will be hurt over and over again until I feel it and gained confidence to speak my boundary without questioning myself.

On the way, it will have many people step away from you and that will bring you in touch with your absolute core which is alone.

When I don't want to escape from this core anymore, then I am at home.

Then every encounter that used to e painful has transformed into sensation and joy. It becomes the very thing that made you free from your self-image which caused the pain as it gets destroyed.

Do not look back and question the beginning, feel the moment you in and acknowledge the presence it has created.