Do you feel low energy and lack of passion for your life?


Most people are emotionally down from time to time. Personally, when I feel down, I feel a lack of ambition or desire. I feel tired, exhausted, and irritated with myself and with others around me. Usually, I feel a sense of hopelessness, and I doubt that it will ever change. I experience disturbing thoughts, and some strong feelings like: anger, sadness, and jealousy. Often, I feel the world is unfair and the people I usually like, are somehow not playing ball.


Have you experienced something similar in your life?


Here’s where my mind goes: 

I feel that I have to change something about myself, but it seems unclear what it is. Every time I try to change, the attempt becomes self-hatred or criticism. In response to the self-hate, I become protective and defensive. I might even reason that I deserve to feel this way. Now everything is spinning in a big merry go round. Or maybe you think it's all someone else's fault. Nevertheless, you do not get around the pain, because you’re fighting with the “opponent” and it’s probably not effective but tiring.

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Lets Face it!

What I am describing is a cycle that can either be stretched out over weeks and months, or it can happen within a day. But have you ever completed it? In our society, this cycle is quickly labelled depression and anxiety and then superficially treated. This leads to an endless "self-protection mentality" and therefore to a lot of fear and suspiciousness with your own mind, and thus leads to much fear and mistrust of one's own mind and in relationship with others. When you are in this cycle, it is extremely difficult to see another way to deal with your feelings. You may have given up hope all together. Maybe you do not trust anyone else with this topic because so far, no “advice” have led you to the truth. I have no advice, but when you're ready, I can help you understand this thought process and teach you tools that can bring clarity and transformation to your life. These tools can not be found in a book, but they must be worked out together through human contact and attention.

Are you ready for a step that really makes a difference and not just another band-aid that quickly loses its effectiveness?

What is the conflict you are having with yourself?

Don’t you want to end it? Learn to deal with this endless fear and end it! Are you ready to confront it now? Ready to see it, identify it, and create a new set of tools to change that pattern.

Not next year, but now?

I have been in this conflict for many years and finally managed to overcome addiction and depression. I have tailored my own lifestyle that fits perfectly to my needs, and makes me happy from within. I can help you learn to balance your relationship to your thoughts and emotions, so you can do the same. Do you want to find out more? Write me and arrange a personal chat today!


Artwork: AomAm & Victoruler from Noun Project